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The first mistake you can make in buying a gate, is buying one too late. If you know you are picking up a new dog, you should pick up gate before your puppy arrives in his new home.

Don't wait for an accident or near accident to protect your puppy from dangerous areas in your home. In addition, if you are not crate training, you will want to start creating boundaries for your puppy as soon as possible, so he/she will not be confused in the house training process.

The second mistake is buying the wrong pet gates for your application. As you will see, our site provides the best quality dog pet gates for every application you may encounter in and around your home. What's vitally important though, is to only use a gate in an application that it is intended to be installed. For example, a pressure mounted gate may be a great idea to eliminate any drilling into your walls, but is it safe, lets say, on a staircase? Absolutely not! Pressure gates work well between doorways and hallways, provided there is solid wood construction. Stairs are usually place next to hollow walls which, when under pressure, will create a dent in the wall and rapidly loosen the pressure fit, creating a dangerous situation. In addition, Stair posts (Newell posts) have irregular surfaces, making a poor mounting condition for a pressure gate.

For proper selection of any gates used in your home please refer to our Dog and Gates Selector or our Gate Comparison Chart.

When your puppy is starting to explore their new home, it's time to install pet gates wherever potential hazards may be present around your home. At the top of stairs, at the bottom of stairs, and in between rooms, safety gates act as barricades that communicate which areas are off-limits for your little scooter. When purchasing safety gates for your home, there are several things to keep in mind: types of gates, features, and safety.

Types of Pet Safety Gates

Pressure-Mounted Safety Gates - Pressure mounted gates can be installed without the use of specials tools and can be installed in just a few minutes. Placed in the opening, adjustable feet can be expanded to tighten against two solid wall surfaces to create a safe installation. These dog gates are typically used between rooms and hallways, but should not be used at the top of a stairway. Depending on the size of your dog, pressure mounted gate can be installed at the bottom of the stairs provided they mount on solid surfaces. The Kidco Pressure gates, Kidco G11 Gateway, Kidco G15 Center Gateway, and the Kidco G35 Wood Center Gateway all come with an optional spindle kit that enables the gate to mount between a wall and stair spindle.

Hardware-Mounted Safety Gates - This type of gate is mounted with screws mounted directly into a solid wall or wood post (or used in conjunction with our mounting kits) to provide the maximum strength and protection for you dogs. Top of stair applications would used only Hardware Mounted gates the have integral swing-stop mechanisms to prevent gates from swings out over the stairwell. The gate should also have no fix horizontal bar on the bottom that can cause a tripping hazard. Check out these great stair gates for top of stair applications - G20 Stairway Gate by Kidco or the Secure Solutions Swing™ Gate by Evenflo.

Free standing pet Gates - A great new concept in gates that requires minimal assembly and no installation! Free standing gates provide barriers to rooms, hallways and the like for small and medium sized dogs. Currently only one company, Richell,makes this type of gate. Richell makes a great quality gate at a price that's hard to refuse. The gates are constructed of 3 panels that form a "U" shaped geometry which enables the gate to stand securely on its own without anchoring the ends the gates. Great for temporary or modular use, this freestanding gate category has been a need for pet owners for quite some time; and thanks to Richell, that time is now.


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