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Dog Pet Doors and Cat Pet Doors Selector

Our SmartSelect™ dog pet doors and cat pet doors technology determines which pet door would be best for your particular application. For Example, if you wanted to install a dog pet door in, let's say, a solid door for your Labrador Retriever, the selector will determine the right height and width opening for the door, as well as choose the right type of pet door that will install easily in a solid door.

If you think your dog's dimensions are outside the standard breed dimensions, you can measure your dog's height and width and input those dimensions in the appropriate data fields.

Our pet doors selector will then ask you whether you want a rigid or flexible flap for your pet door, as well as what type of material the door frame is constructed from - either aluminum or plastic.

Once you've chosen your pet door frame and flap type, our pet doors selector will display the results of all our doors that meet your requirements. The results are organized, starting with the best dog pet door recommendation first, follow by other great pet doors choices.

So, what are we waiting for, let's get you started on finding a dog or cat pet door just for you!


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